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💸 Serious About Your Business?

You should be. So, don’t skimp out with cheap web content. The writing on your website can make or break a lead.

You probably have spent a fair amount of money on a great design, but it means nothing without great writing. That’s why you should consider hiring a web content writer.


😊 Great Content Will:

111111111✔️ Tell website users what you do immediately
111111111✔️ Share your solution
111111111✔️ Convince them they need your solution
111111111✔️ Tell them the next steps to buy your product/service
111111111✔️ Make use of subheadings, blurbs and bullet points

Sounds simple, right? But many people who write their own content end up having several issues they might not recognize but users will.


😞 Common Issues Include:

111111111❌ Spelling/grammatical mistakes
111111111❌ Doesn’t capture attention
111111111❌ Doesn’t flow
111111111❌ Doesn’t sell
111111111❌ Isn’t in your brand’s voice/tone
111111111❌ You simply don’t know what to write

As a web content writer, I will write web content for any or all of your website pages that will take into account your vision and your customer’s vision. Content will be targeted to your customers and will reflect your brand. I can write content from scratch, make existing content better or work off of your notes/ideas.


🤔 FAQs

How much will it cost?

The cost of each project depends on size, complexity and the time it takes to complete. I can provide you with a free quote. Payments can be made through PayPal or through Stripe (credit cards).

How long will it take?online photo
I can usually work within your timeframe. If you have one, please mention it when you contact me.

What information do you need?
I can write content from scratch, make published content better or work off of ideas/notes you’ve scribbled down.

What comes first, the website or the website content?
As a web content writer, I can work with you to develop content with or without your website up and running. However, if you already have a website, please feel free to include it in your inquiry.



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