How Can You Benefit From Content Marketing?

11111111 ✔️ Increase website traffic

✔️ Improve search engine ranking (SEO)

✔️ 70-80% of users ignore paid ads and go straight to organic search results

✔️ Those that use content marketing have 6X higher conversion rates (avg.)

✔️ Blogging can increase lead generation by 67% (avg.)

✔️ SEO leads=14.6% close rate (compared to 1.7% for outbound leads)

✔️ About 81% of marketers repurpose content 2-5 times (social media posts, newsletters, white papers, etc.)


 Why Hire a Content Marketing Consultant/ Freelance Health Writer?

11111111✔️ Because I don’t work with companies I’m not passionate about. If you’re my client, I actually care about your business

✔️ You should focus on what you’re good at—which is running your business. I’ll do the extra work as your Toronto copywriter and freelance writer

✔️ You probably don’t need a full-time, in-house writer

✔️ We can build a long-term working relationship & you’ll get personalized service

✔️ As a web content writer, I can help you revamp your message to visitorsarrow0

Everything Else You Need to Know

11111111✔️ I’m not a content mill. I focus on quality. While I’m not cheap, content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing

11111111✔️ I can usually work within your timeframe

11111111✔️ I can work with anyone across the globe

11111111✔️ I accept e-Transfer, PayPal or major credit cards (through Stripe)

11111111✔️ I use contracts, so you can feel secure using my services

Monthly Blogging Packages

✔️ List of ideas for blog posts

✔️ Post titles

✔️ 1 post/week (500-1,200 words, depending on requirement)

✔️ Well-researched, original content

✔️ Each post written in your brand’s voice/tone

✔️ Keyphrase research

✔️ Social media coaching/headline creation

✔️ Posting/formatting on your WordPress (depending on requirement)

✔️ Tracking results of content over the long-term & strategy adjustments

*Can be adjusted depending on your needs. Contact me for a quote.



“I think you did a phenomenal job of sifting through the scientific terminology and summarizing the key points.”

Kent Mao | CEO | LeafScience.com

“Riannon started writing for our blog a couple years ago and our blog’s traffic has been getting higher and higher since then!”

Bruna Furlan | Marketing Specialist | Baby Doppler

“Riannon has taken a huge load off my shoulders by being someone I can rely on for good quality content. It is refreshing to work with a freelancer who understands exactly what the client needs, and provides excellent work.”

Holly Bennett | Marketing Manager | Apollo Cannabis


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