9When I was working this Saturday, a boy and his father walked in with a Tim Hortons coffee.


“Sorry sir, there’s no outside drinks allowed,” my boss said.


“The coffee is for you,” the boy responded. “I’m doing a random act of kindness.”


He then turned to his father, who was filming the event, and nominated his friend to also do a good deed.


This random act of kindness is just one of many occurring over the past few weeks and is the result of the new trend, RAKnomination.


The movement is a spinoff of neknomination: the challenge that involves consuming large amounts of alcohol within a short time period.


RAKnomination is catching on the same way: a video of the act is posted to social media and friends are nominated to do the same within 24 hours.


Neknomination is currently the suspected cause of five deaths and filming yourself in a “drunken stupor” is likely to scare off potential employers (yes, they will Google your name). So, why not participate in a heart-warming movement instead!?


Whether you’re nominated or not, here are a few ideas to brighten someone else’s day:


  • Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the drive through
  • Buy a gift card and ask the cashier to give it to another customer
  • Buy a homeless person a meal
  • Give care packages to the homeless
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Bring your coworkers a treat
  • Give a generous tip
  • Next time you go out, pick up someone else’s tab
  • Donate clothes or canned food
  • Surprise someone with flowers
  • Listen to a friend’s problems


You can also find ideas by searching #RAKnomination on Twitter. Here are a few tweets encouraged by the trend:





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Comment: What’s your random act of kindness?

Image credit: SweetOnVeg via Creative Commons


RAKnomination: Save your liver, use your heart



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