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Whether you’re developing your own health app or are a doctor with your own medical practice, Twitter can be a helpful tool to connect with other professionals and potential clients. However, finding and attracting these people can be difficult if you don’t know the proper hashtags to use.

A hashtag is a pound sign followed by a phrase that is used to categorize tweets into a specific topic (ex. #MotivationMonday). Users can type a hashtag into the search box on Twitter to find tweets on a certain topic, and it can make your tweets even easier to scan.

Hashtags can now also be used on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest.


Health Hashtags to Network

These hashtags are great to use to chat with other professionals in the health industry. You can use these hashtags to share news articles or tips that other health professionals will find useful.

  • #MHealth (mobile health)
  • #HealthTalk
  • #HealthNews
  • #Healthcare
  • #Nursing
  • #PatientSafety
  • #HealthInnovations (new products & discoveries)
  • #MedEd (medical education)
  • #MHChat (mental health chat)


Heath Hashtags for Promotion

Potential clients are not likely to use the hashtags above because they relate more to people who are working in the health care field. Using these hashtags below instead, you can share your blog posts or helpful articles and tips with the general public. This is a great way to get yourself in front of potential patients or clients.

  • #Health
  • #HealthTip
  • #WellnessTip
  • #Wellness
  • #HealthyEating
  • #HealthyLiving
  • #WeightLossTip
  • #PregnancyTip
  • #Fertility
  • #MentalHealth
  • #Nutrition


Health Specific Hashtags

Using hashtags in your health niche is a great way to target potential patients or clients. For example, if you’re a dermatologist, you can tweet health articles with #SkinTip. People who have skin problems are likely to see your tweet, and when they find the information you share helpful, they may check out your website and book an appointment or buy a product.

Even if you share an article outside of your niche, using a problem or disease related hashtag could help others and therefore build trust.

You can also search these hashtags to find people to follow. For example, if you specialize in arthritis pain management services or products, search #Arthritis. You may see a tweet like, “Rain won’t stop. Legs aching all day #Arthritis.” You can tell that person is suffering from what you specialize in, and following them may lead to them following you back. When they see your tweets on the same subject, they will come to view you as a helpful expert.

There’s a ton of possibilities for health specific hashtags. Here are a few ideas:

  • #NaturalHealth
  • #Acupuncture
  • #Naturopath
  • #NaturalCure
  • #Homeopathy
  • #Aromatherapy
  • #MedicalMarijuana
  • #HealthyRecipe
  • #WorkoutTip
  • #Happiness
  • #AngerManagement
  • #Therapy
  • #RelationshipTip
  • #Anxiety
  • #AnxietyTip
  • #Depression
  • #SkinTip
  • #Acne
  • #Arthritis
  • #Seniors
  • #AntiAging
  • #Diabetes
  • #Cancer
  • #Massage
  • #Conception
  • #Fertility
  • #WomensHealth
  • #SexualHealth


Trending Health Hashtags

While most trending hashtags won’t apply to your health niche, some will, so it’s a good idea to be on the lookout. A health hashtag may trend if it’s a national health day or if the topic has suddenly become big in the news. Using this hashtag can be a great way to pick up more relevant followers very quickly. Twitter will give you a list of hashtags trending in your geographic location on the left side of the page. However, if you want to see if anything health-related is trending elsewhere, you can browse through states and provinces on


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Hashtags Health Care Professionals Need to Use



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