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Once you’ve decided you need help blogging, you’re tasked with finding a freelancer. Hiring a writer can be like hiring an employee: You want to make sure they can perform and that they will be the right fit.

If you want to know where and how to find the right freelance health writer for your business, keep reading.


Where to Find a Freelance Health Writer

It’s time to begin the hunt! There are a few places you can start your search:

  • Google: Just type in “freelance writer [city]” (Ex. Freelance Health Writer Toronto). You can also choose to search specifically for a writer in your niche (Ex. Freelance health writer).
  • LinkedIn: Most good freelancers are on LinkedIn in hopes of finding work. Type “freelance writer” or “content marketing specialist/consultant” in the search bar and filter the results to “People.” You can send the candidate a message or you can email them if they display their contact information in their profile.
  • Twitter: Searching for a freelancer on Twitter could give you a better idea of a writer’s personality. Search “freelance writer” along with your city or niche. You can filter the results to “People,” or you can search through tweets to see who is looking for work.
  • Ask around: People in similar industries or positions may be able to recommend a freelancer who they have had personal experience with. Simply post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn “Does anyone know any good freelance writers specializing in [niche]? Looking for recommendations.”

Once you’ve narrowed down one or a few options, take a look at their websites and reach out to them.

Here are a few things you should include in your inquiry:

  • Your website: Before giving you a quote, a freelance health writer or content marketing specialist will want to know what your business is all about. Providing them with your website will let them know what niche you’re in and will give them an idea about what they can improve.
  • Blogging frequency/requirements: If you know you need X posts a month ranging from 500 to 1,000 words, you should include this in your email so the writer can give you an accurate quote. However, if you don’t know anything about blogging, you won’t include this and the writer should be able to recommend a blogging frequency and word counts.
  • Other requirements: Do you expect the writer to post and format the content? Will they need to include photos? If so, be sure to include this in your email in case there are additional charges associated with these services.
  • Your budget: If you have a budget in mind, state it in your inquiry. This step can save a lot of time. If someone contacts me and mentions right away that their budget is $20/post, I can automatically tell them that I’m unable to work at that rate and that I charge significantly more for quality content. This way, I don’t waste their time and they can continue to search for someone within their budget. However, if you don’t have a strict budget or simply don’t have any idea what the service would cost, you can simply ask for a quote.

Your inquiry to a freelance health writer or content marketing specialist might look similar to this:

Hi [NAME],

I’m searching for a freelance writer/content marketing specialist to help out with blogging at [WEBSITE]. Ideally, we’re looking for blog posts between [#] and [#] words about [X] times a month. Our budget is around [$] a month. Can you please send me a quote?


What Should I Look for in a Freelance Writer?

toronto freelance writer, content marketing specialist

Now that you’ve contacted and heard back from your candidates, how do you know which one is the best for your business?

Here are some signs that you’ve found a good freelance writer or content marketing specialist:


They Bill by the Project

If someone quotes you by saying they charge X/hour, that probably isn’t very helpful to you. You may not know how many hours the project will take and their estimate could be off. This could result in you paying a lot more than you originally planned. Instead, aim for freelancers who can give you a set price per month or per project.


They Have Samples

Before you hire someone, you want to know they have the ability to do the job. Check out their samples on their website and Google their name to see the content they’ve published. If a writer would need a significant amount of background knowledge to write about your industry, choose a freelancer who has samples related to that topic.


They Want to Work Ongoing

If you’re looking for a blog post writer, you shouldn’t hire someone for a one-off post. To do content marketing properly, you need posts every month. Choose a writer who wants to work with you on a scheduled, ongoing basis.


They Use a Contract

Freelancers get screwed over when a client doesn’t pay. But you can also get screwed over if you pay and the freelancer doesn’t give you what you ordered. To cover both parties, you need a contract. A professional freelancer who delivers shouldn’t be hesitant to sign a contract.


They are Easy to Get Along With

When you don’t get along with a coworker, situations become difficult and unpleasant. And the same is true with a freelancer. Choose a freelance writer or content marketing consultant who you feel is honest, dependable, respectful and kind.


Good luck in your search 🙂


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How to Find & Hire the RIGHT Freelance Health Writer for Your Business



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