I have an old picture of my sister, my dad and I sitting in front of a brown wooden fence bordering the edge of a cliff with greenery on the land seen at a depth.


The background is a lookout at the Scenic Caves in Collingwood — a place I decided to revisit last week.

A two hour drive away from Toronto, located in Blue Mountain, the Scenic Caves were once a home to natives. Now, the land features a zip line, trails, a suspension bridge, a scenic lookout and caves.



Arrows attached to trees guide walkers through the trails — well, normal walkers. With my horrible sense of direction, I still managed to get lost by taking “the road less travelled.”

2015-07-13 05.29.30
Veering off the trails and getting lost in a random area.











After about an hour, I found the proper route and the two beautiful lookout points that give amazing views of Georgian Bay.

2015-07-13 04.15.54













2015-07-13 05.08.14

2015-07-13 05.03.09

2015-07-13 04.43.46

2015-07-13 05.02.25













After pausing to take in the breathtaking views, I walked down the narrow metal stairs that descend into the caves.

2015-07-13 04.17.13

The rocks’ formation create mossy crevices to hide in and climb though. One of the caves, “Fat Man’s Misery,” is very dark and almost impossible to get through, with the narrowest point being 14 inches.

2015-07-13 04.39.55

2015-07-13 04.20.34

2015-07-13 04.23.03

2015-07-13 04.41.49

2015-07-13 04.41.01


Heading away from the caves and to the suspension bridge gave more spectacular views of Georgian Bay.

The bridge, 25 meters above the valley, slightly swings with the wind.

2015-07-13 04.13.15

2015-07-13 04.09.58

2015-07-13 03.42.38

The Scenic Caves park admission, which includes all day access to the caves and suspension bridge, costs $22.77. Other packages include gemstone mining, mini golf, zip lining and a guided tour.

Exploring the Scenic Caves in Collingwood



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