Image credit: Adrian Miles via Creative Commons
Image credit: Adrian Miles via Creative Commons

When a bodybuilder gave me a generous tip, he probably didn’t realize it would help a homeless person.



As a group of stocky men strutted in, I thought, “Oh god, here we go. Men who spend all of their waking hours lifting weights and drinking protein shakes; great, my favorite breed of cocky.”


My judgmental perspective was soon proved wrong when one of the iron-pumping men very politely ordered three drinks and tipped $15—twice.


His generosity inspired me to anonymously help a co-worker who received a less-than-expected amount on an estimated pay cheque. He worried about how he was going to pay back his friend, pay his bills, and pay for transit to get to school.


Image credit: Dave Dugdale via Creative Commons
Image credit: Dave Dugdale via Creative Commons


Nearing the end of the night, I snuck three five-dollar bills into the pocket of his jacket.


“Make sure he finds the money so he can pay to get to school,” I told his brother. “But don’t say it was from me.”


The next day, his brother told me he gave one of the bills to a homeless person.


“He looked like he was about to die,” my coworker said the next week when I told him I was surprised by his kindness.


The bill, once in a financially well off body builder’s hands, made its way into two poor college student’s hands, and fell into the palms of someone who needed it most.


My co-worker still doesn’t know where the money came from (hopefully he doesn’t read this!) and the bodybuilder probably doesn’t even care where his money truly went. But, I think it proves that whether or not people realize they’ve received a good deed, it can still be passed on.


Our actions have power, and we never know the extent that power will have on others.


COMMENT: What was your most powerful good deed?


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