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Whether you’re writing your own blog or paying a copywriter to do it for you, you’re putting in a lot of time or money—so you should make the most out of it, right?

Many businesses put content on their blog, leave it and forget about it forever. That’s a big mistake.


Because you can take that content and make other pieces of content to drive traffic and sales. You’ve already done the hard work: the researching, writing and editing. With a little to no extra effort, you can extend your marketing efforts even more.

If you’re paying a copywriter for blog posts, it’s a way to make your money stretch. Some people are surprised by the rates freelance writers charge, but when you consider how much you can do with that copy, you’ll probably reconsider. Once a marketing agency or freelancer hands over a blog post, it’s typically yours to keep and reuse in whatever way you choose.

You can post it immediately and use some of the content for an eBook chapter, or you can repurpose it a few months later for an email newsletter. Since all the information is already there, all you (or your copywriter) will need to do is rewrite it a bit to fit the new media.

Another tip is to think ahead before assigning or writing topics. Consider which set of topics can be easily repurposed and then work them into your marketing plan after the original post is published. For each post, ask yourself, “which other ways can I use this information?”

Interested in learning the many ways you can repurpose your blog posts? Read on!


#1 Email Newsletters

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

This is probably one of the easiest ways to reuse your blog posts because the media and tone will be similar. There’s a few ways you can do this:

  • Send a newsletter on the same topic a few months later than the original post (you’ll want to rewrite the parts you use so that it will appear fresh).
  • Use a snippet of the post in an email newsletter to preview the post and tell readers to click to your site to read the rest.
  • Use the information in a newsletter about a similar topic.


#2 Another Blog Post

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

Yes, you can write about the same topic more than once—but your angles must be different. Think about it: magazines write about losing weight all the time, they just come up with different ideas or ways to present the information. Here are some examples of how to use your blog post in another post:

  • Use the information in an overview post about the topic at large.
  • Pick an aspect of the original topic and focus in on it.
  • Write about new developments/news regarding the topic.
  • Write about any questions/comments your customers had about the original post.
  • Refresh it by republishing it with current facts, stats or references


#3 YouTube

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

YouTube is increasingly getting more search traffic, so potential customers/clients may also be looking for answers there. If your business has a channel, consider using the information contained in your blog post for a video. Since the post will already be broken up into chunks, you’ll already have a pretty good idea on the talking points you need to hit. Here’s some tips to transform the content so it’s appropriate for YouTube:

  • Write down subheadings for topics and bullet points for each important thing to mention.
  • If your post has a more formal tone, make sure to re-write your points in a conversational way.
  • To snazz up your video so it’s not just a talking head, add some B-roll. If you can’t/don’t want to film it yourself, look for non-copyrighted clips on Pexels.


#4 Social Media Posts

If you’re not using your blog posts’ info on social media, you’re missing out because there’s so many ways.

  • Simply share your post link on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with a snippet from the article. The snippet can include a thought-provoking quote or statistic.
  • Paste a longer snippet into a tweet without a link (use hashtags).
  • Use interesting information, quotes or statistics to make images to post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. For example, I already have an Instagram post (above) about this post. A really simple way to make these images is to use Canva (it’s free).


#5 Free eBooks

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

eBooks are lead magnets that customers/clients can download for free. If you’re repurposing a post for an eBook, make sure to pick the right one. You need a topic that your potential clients/customers really want to know about are willing to give up their email to learn it. You’ll also need a specific and attention-grabbing title. Since this is a good chunk of work, you may consider hiring a freelance copywriter and/or designer for the project.

  • Write an eBook about the topic at large and use the original post for a chapter (instead of re-researching it).
  • Go into more detail and share more tips about the topic. Flesh it out more and fill in the blanks.
  • Have multiple posts about similar topics? Combine them into an eBook.


#6 Podcasts

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

If your business has a podcast, next time you’re brainstorming topics, search through some old blog posts. While you don’t want to use a new post for this (people may get tired of the same content), teaching the same subject in a new format can be helpful for people who learn differently. You’re also able to talk more in depth and share more knowledge about the topic in a podcast form.

  • Depending on the length of your podcasts, you may want to add more detailed talking points to the original content.
  • Make sure not to just read off the blog post or it will sound rehearsed. Instead, make subtopics using post headings and write talking points under each one.
  • You can do a roundup podcast using several blog posts (ex. 10 Ways to Safely Alleviate Pain using 10 different blog posts).
  • If you referred to an expert in your blog post (or can think of one), consider asking them on for an interview about the topic.


#7 Infographic

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

If your business is big on visuals, think about making your posts into infographics to post on Pinterest, Reddit, SlideShare, updating the original post etc. You can also crop pieces of the image to share on social media. Consider which posts can be broken up easily or that will look good artistically. These may include posts about:

  • Facts about a problem or cause
  • Different types of X
  • How to tell the difference between X and X
  • Parts or components of X
  • Steps or a roadmap to X
  • Tips about something specific
  • Listicles
  • Explainers about something complicated that would be easier to understand illustrated
  • How to’s


#8 FAQ Page

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

If you don’t already have an FAQ page, ask yourself which posts answer specific questions your potential customers/clients have. If they’re actually asking these questions, combine them into an FAQ page. Here’s some quick tips:

  • If there’s a lot of questions, split them up into categories (blog post topics).
  • If you don’t want to commit to a static FAQ page, consider making an FAQ post.
  • While combining the information, you may also want to ask other employees which questions they’re often asked.


#9 Online Courses

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

It seems like almost everyone has an e-course these days. If that’s a field you want to get into to, save yourself some time and go over your blog posts. Check your analytics and to see which posts are read the most. This can give you a hint about what people want to learn. When it comes to compiling the information, use headings within blog posts to give you a starting place for the units and chapters of your course.


#10 Quora

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

Answering questions on Quora can be a good marketing effort and smart way to establish authority. However, typing out answers and compiling research/sources for each question can be time-consuming. Instead, search for questions similar to topics you’ve written about on your blog. Then, simply reword the paragraph(s) in your post that answers their question. Remember to mention that you have a post about the subject and link it!


#11 SlideShare Presentation

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

Using SlideShare can have many benefits such as growing traffic and gaining authority. But putting together a brand new presentation can take more time then you have—unless you use content you already have. Search through your blog posts for ideas and use Canva to make a slide deck. If you write in short points, you’ll probably be able to copy and paste some of the content. If not, simply rewrite your information into concise points using subheadings. If you don’t have time to do this, ask your freelance copywriter if they can add this to their content marketing package.


#12 Webinars

copywriter toronto, Toronto freelance writer, ways to repurpose blog posts

If your business does free webinars to attract clients/customers, skip the research phase and use content from a blog post. If your webinars are paid and run longer, you’ll probably need to add more information or go into more detail. Consider the best way to present the information in your blog post (screen share tutorial, whiteboard, etc.)


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